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Faraya or Mzaar Resort?

Faraya is the name of a village, located about 40km to the Northeast of the Lebanese capital Beirut. The village has long been associated with the nearby ski slopes at Ouyoune El-Simane and Mzaar, but is not itself home to any pistes. While referring to the resort as 'Faraya' has been standard for many years, local authorities have recently taken action to clarify the issue.

While the skiing area is now properly referred to as Mzaar Kfardebian or the Mzaar Resort, there are many hotels and chalets in Faraya village itself. For those who prefer to be closer to the slopes, plenty of hotels and chalets in Mzaar are also available.

Before it was rebranded, Faraya was widely known and enjoyed by many ski fans within Lebanon. In recent years, however, it has become increasingly popular with skiers from around the world looking to enjoy some beautiful new slopes. Part of the reason for Mzaar's increasing popularity has been its accessibility and proximity to Beirut.

Getting to Mzaar

International carriers fly to Beirut airport from destinations around the world. The airport is located just to the south of the city itself. For those travelling through, there are many hotels in Beirut that you can book on

Faraya village is located just below the Mzaar Kfardebian ski resort, and is roughly 46 km from Beirut. It takes about 75 minutes by car to reach the resort.

Directions:From Beirut airport, take the highway towards downtown Beirut. Skirt right, around Riad Solh Square and cross 2 lights until you reach the coastal highway heading north. Drive on the highway for about 15 km until you reach the Dog River tunnels, then turn right towards Zouk Mosbeh village. Follow the main road which rises from sea level up to 1700 m.

You will pass through several villages including Jeita, Ajaltoun, Feytroun, Faraya village before eventually arriving at Ouyoune Al Simane, where most of the resort's accommodation is located.

Skiing in Mzaar

Mzaar Kfardebian resort - previously known as Faraya resort (see left) - is Lebanon's largest and most popular ski resort. Mzaar is the perfect destination for those looking to ski in Lebanon. With 42 slopes and 80 kilometers of ski tracks, the resort has something to offer to skiers at any ability level.

Everything required for a great ski holiday in Lebanon can be found in Mazaar itself:

Hit the slopes of Mzaar Resort

Faraya Village and the wider Mzaar Kfardebian Resort have huge amounts to offer by way of accommodation. Many skiiers prefer to opt for one of the many Mzaar Chalets that are available in the area. These chalets are practical and perfect for those who like to be close to the slopes. They offer the ultimate access to both the runs and the lifts.

There's also a huge range of hotels on offer, ranging from affordable rooms to top-end luxury spa breaks. Whether you're operating on a budget or looking to splash out on something special, you're sure to find something to suit you in the Mzaar Kfardebian region.

There are also plenty of entertainment options on offer to keep the fun going once the day's skiing is done.

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